Release Note

May 11, 2021
Darko G.

This release mainly includes one new feature for multi-site and two improvements related to the compatibility.

New feature: Sites list on network

When IP Location Block is network activated on multi-site, you can find “Network” link on each settings page or “Sites list” on network admin dashboard.

Sites list on network

On this page you can see at a glance what requests each site blocked.

Improvement: Better compatibility with cache plugins

From this release, Swift Performance Lite can be compatible with IP Location Block.

Swift Performance Lite

And also fixed the issue that the error page was cached by WP Fastest Cache when a request came from blacklisted countries or IPs.

See more details on Compatibility with cache plugins.

Improvement: Expansion of simulation mode

In the previous version, “Simulation mode” that enables to simulate validation without deployment of blocking behavior could be applied only for front-end.

From this release, it works on both back-end and front-end so that you can check if some compatibility issues are there or not in Validation logs.

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