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Learn more about the new releases of the plugin Release Note

In this release, the ability of WP-ZEP have been greatly improved. Previously, the probability of successful prevention against the zero-day attack (true positive) was estimated about 26%. But now it’s 60%. Please refer to this article about the background of these percentage. In this note, I’ll mention what’s new in Release Note

When I go abroad, I want to manage my WordPress site as an administrator from there. To realize this, I’ve implemented a new feature which was proposed at the support forum. (Thanks, digiblogger !!) Release Note

This is a maintenance release including 3 of bug fixes and 3 of improvements. Every user of this plugin should update to make it work properly. Release Note

In this release, some new features and improvements have been implemented. These are based on the feedbacks I got at the support forum from my users. Release Note

I had to fix the bug which broke functionality of certain plugins such as Types. Release Note

In the last release, I announced the new feature to prevent self blocking. But this was not enough at the first installation. Every user hates a product which suddenly shuts him/herself out right after the first installation. This was the reason why I got one at the Reviews. Release Note

I’m very pleased to announce the release of IP Location Block In this release, 2 new features are implemented to enhance its the protection ability against the malicious accesses. The estimated amount of true positive against preventing malicous accesses in the real world would be about 80% now. Release Note

IP Location Block isn’t so attractive for you because there’s no new feature except several bug fixes, but it includes a very important alteration related to the IP address geolocation API for local databases of Maxmind and IP2Location. In this changelog, I’ll mention about it. Release Note

Speed performance of this plugin is one of my primary concern. In this version, I’ve enhanced the validation performance up to 25% at maximum than the previous one. So I’d like to summarize the changes in this release with other improvements.