Smart Geolocation Blocking

Empower your WordPress website with smart geolocation blocking tool. Blacklist or whitelist based on GeoLocation in different areas of your website like login form, wp-admin, front-end, xmlrpc. 

Native GeoIP Provider

We created our own IP Geo-Location service that is well supported, fast, secure and ensures consistency in future.

Our native provider supports precision blocking by state and city besides the standard country code blocking.

Friendly reminder: In future we will deprecate other providers and only maintain the native provider.

The service is FREE of charge for up to 10,000 requests per month.

Well Maintained

We provide regular updates for the plugin and reported issues. Our aim is to provide stable and consistent software. Ever Found an issue? Feel free to report it to our Github issue tracker and we will be responding asap.
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Whitelist or Blacklist by IP Location

Allow or disallow visitors from specific geographic location

Whitelist or Blacklist by IP 
ASN / Provider

Allow or disallow visitors that use specific ASN / Telecom Provider

Advanced Geolocation Matching Rules

In addition to the country code matching it also supports CIDR blocking with handy ip range calculator

Redirects & Other Responses

Besides redirection 301 and 307 codes, it is also supports any other RFC2616 compliant response code

Native GeoIP Provider

We developed our own native provider that is faster, precise and supports city and state level blocking.

Control various segments

Enforce blocking in Admin (Globally, Admin Ajax/Post), Front-end, Comment system, XMLRPC, Login Form

Detailed statistics and logs

Maintains separate database of access logs and statistics of blocking where you can see different insights

Easy to customize & extend

Easily extend and customize the plugin  with the various actions and filters it offers. More details in "Codex"

GDPR & Privacy in Mind

IP Addresses are always encrypted in logs/cache. It can also anonymized to prevent listing the full ip address

Well Documented

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Security in Mind

While the plugin is built for GeoLocation blocking it also comes with some useful security related features to protect your site. Easily block unwanted access to admin ajax/post, comment system, direct theme/plugin access.
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