Smart Geolocation Blocking

Empower your WordPress website with smart geolocation blocking tool. Blacklist or whitelist based on GeoLocation in different areas of your website like login form, wp-admin, front-end, xmlrpc.


Enhacned blocking

Native GeoIP Provider

IP Location Block comes with own geolocation provider that features up to date GeoIP data, better precision, support and more features.

City/State blocks: 
Precision blocking by city/state is now possible with our Native GeoIP Provider.
Most recent data: 
We aim to keep our service up to date with the latest geolocation data. Say no more to the GeoIP data that will fail you when you need it most.
Try it for FREE: 
We provide 10,000 geolocation requests per month. Try our service and see if it meets your needs.

Packed with great features

Packed with lots of features that make your life easier.

  • Match by GeoIP Location

    Easily Whitelist or blacklist visitors by IP address country, city* and state*.

  • Match by ASN/Provider

    Allow or disallow visitors that use specific ASN / Telecom Provider.

  • Advanced Matching Rules

    Supports CIDR matching and provides CIDR calculator.

  • Configurable responses

    Return custom responses or redirects on matched requests.

  • Native GeoIP Provider

    We developed our own native provider that is faster, precise and supports city and state level blocking.

  • Choose what to block

    Enforce blocking in Admin, Front-end, Comment system, XMLRPC, Login Form.

  • Detailed statistics and logs

    Maintains separate database of access logs and statistics of blocking where you can see different insights.

  • Easy to customize & extend

    Easily extend and customize the pluginĀ  with the various actions and filters it offers. More details in “Codex”.
  • GDPR & Privacy in Mind

    IP Addresses are always encrypted in logs/cache. It can also anonymized to prevent listing the full IP address.