Release Note

Posted on May 11, 2021

I expect this would be the final version which would be released before To put it in other words, this version includes some crucial features towards for both protection ability and performance of speed. So I strongly hope every user update to this version!

New feature: Validation timing

You can select timing about when to start the validation process of this plugin as one of these:

  1. “init” action hook
    Validate at init action hook same as typical plugins.

  2. “mu-plugins” (ip-location-block-mu.php)
    Validate at an earlier stage than other plugins to reduce load of server.

Validation timing

You can refer to those timing at Plugin API/Action Reference.

Indeed, ip-location-block-mu.php will be installed into wp-content/mu-plugins/ directory when you select 2. It means that this plugin will run prior to other regular plugins and reduce the load of server when blocking succeeds.

Note that in case of multisite, ip-location-block-mu.php will be called on every site but won’t affect a site where IP Location Block is not activated.


I run a benchmark test on my local PC using attack.sh which is a wrapper of ApacheBench but specialized for IP Location Block under the following environment:

Category Description
Hardware MacBook Pro / 2.8GHz Core i7 / Memory 16GB
Software OS X 10.9.5 / MAMP Pro 3.5.2 (Apache, PHP 5.6.10)
WordPress 4.6.1-ja / Site Language: English
Theme Child theme of Twenty Twelve (2.0)

All the installed and activated plugins are:

Installed Plugins

And the options of IP Location Block are configured by “Best practice”.

Plugin settings

Here is the result (OFF indicates “deactivate”):

Target Requests/sec Time/req [ms]
wp-comments-post.php 4.17 4.38 9.49 240.08 228.40 105.37
xmlrpc.php 3.98 4.38 9.63 251.19 228.11 103.88
xmlrpc.php (sys.multicall) 3.37 4.32 7.90 296.40 231.48 126.60
wp-login.php 4.13 4.45 9.54 242.14 224.73 104.82
admin-ajax.php 3.60 4.16 9.43 277.91 240.15 106.04

The performance had been improved about 47.42% on average.

Happy to hear your opinions

Please feel free to post your requests or suggestions into the Support forum emoji .