Release Note

May 11, 2021
Darko G.

In the early version of this plugin, “Search” tab had been a kind of debugging tool for me to test accessing geolocation database through APIs. On the other hand, it was not so uesful for users.

Now in this release, it becomes to be able to lookup reverse DNS data and whois database. Although these functionalities has been developed for release, I decided to apply it to this release.

I believe it can help you to gain deep insight about the IP address of malicous access.

Bug fix

Thanks to @diegocanal who kindly reported the issue that “Google Maps API key” at “Plugin settings” stripped hyphens, now you can use some ASCII symbols such as _-,:!.*/#+= in all the text field in “Settings” tab.

Google Maps API key at Plugin settings

New feature: whois

Now you can find the links at IP addresses in “Logs” tab to jump to “Search” tab.

interwork of logs and seach

When you click the link, a new window opens to show whois information and geolocation of the IP address in “Search” tab.

Whois results

Well, we can find several libraries to get whois information by php such as Net_Whois in PEAR. And also we can use the RESTful APIs served by some Regional Internet Registries such as ARIN and RIPE NCC.

Among these libraries and APIs, I decided to use RIPE RESTful API because it’s easy to use with JavaScript combined with YQL, and the quality and quantity of its information seems to be well balanced than ARIN RWS. Of course, as I showed a comment in the above picture, you can easily visit the original whois database source to get more detail information.

New feature: Blocking target for login actions

In this release, you can individually specify the action such as login, register, resetpasss, lostpassword and postpass as a blocking target at “Login form” in “Validation target settings”.

Login actions

This makes the visibility of posts/pages to be controled more flexibly as password protected or private ones.

Visibility setting

I hope you enjoy this release pushpin .

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