Privacy and record settings

May 11, 2021
Darko G.

Anonymize IP address

In GDPR, IP address is regarded as personal information. When this option is enabled, the end of IP address is masked with *** on recording so that the individuals can not be identifiable by itself.

Do not send IP address to external APIs

Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is required regarding any relationship where one party transfer personal data from European Economic Area to another party in other countries. When this option is enabled, the obtained IP address shall not be sent to the external geolocation APIs.

Record “Statistics of validation”

Statistical data such as Blocked, Blocked by countries, Blocked per day, Blocked by type of IP address, Average response time of each API and display graphically on “Statistics” screen.

Statistics of validation

Record “IP address cache”

This plugin executes the validation by associating an IP address with its country code, host name and login failure count. If you enable this option, you can keep them in cache for a certain period of time to avoid duplicate searches of country codes and host names. This can reduce server load and perform the validation at high speed.

Statistics in IP address cache

  • Expiration time [sec] for each entry
    Specify the time to hold the cache in seconds. The default is 3600 seconds (1 hour).

    If the number of login failures exceeds “Max number of failed login attempts per IP address”, access to the login form will be blocked for this period. To salvage someone from this accident, please select the corresponding IP address and apply “Remove entries by IP address”.

    Remove entries by IP address

Record “Validation logs”

This option enables you to view the history of validation results on “Logs” screen.

Validation logs

  • Expiration time [days] for each entry
    Each entry in Logs is deleted automatically when it expires at this option or when it exceeds the maximum number of entries (500 by default).

  • $_POST key to record with value
    When this plugin fetches a request by HTTP method POST, the data in the message body corresponding to the specified key is expanded and recorded securely. In the following example, log for login name and pwd for password are recorded when those are posted to the login form.

$_POST data

Interval [sec] to cleanup expired entries of IP address

This option specifies the period to remove the expired entries in the IP address cache and verification log. The default is 900 seconds (15 minutes).

Remove all settings and records at uninstallation

When uninstalling, it removes all the data including the recorded IP addresses from the database as well as setting of this plugin.

3 comments on “Privacy and record settings”

      1. Thank you very much for your quick answer !
        I am using version 1.0.7, but I do not see the following fields:
        Maximum entries ...
        Database source ...
        Reset database ...

        I am running PHP (7.3.33), maybe that is the problem ?
        I also have to say that I love your pluging.

        Regards Helge Stensones

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