Native Geo-Location Provider

Posted on October 30, 2023

IP Location Block provides Native Geo-Location Provider that is developed specifically for WordPress and IP Location Block plugin.

The provider enables fast responses and supports precision blocking (by city and state) besides the standard country blocking.

This provider is similar to those of Maxmind, and others but it’s tuned to work better in WordPress setups.

1. Features

Precision blocking

The native geo-location provider support precision blocking by city and state besides the standard country code based blocking.

Learn how to block by city or state

Faster API Responses

The native geo-location provider responds faster than the above mentioned providers which means your site will load faster.

Features and Consistency

The native geo-location provider paves the way for new features while ensuring the plugin works well and stable.

2. Get Started

To get started, Register and obtain your API Key.

Optionally, based on your traffic purchase a higher-tier plan.

To start using the provider and get the benefit of fast API and precision blocking, learn more.

Important: Please note that Geo-Location blocking sometimes is not 100% accurate. It all depends on the data that ISPs provide about their assigned IP blocks. However, we are trying our best to provide most up to date data.